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The Perfect Diet Tracker download should start automatically in the next few seconds. If it does not, click here to restart the download.
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Installing the Perfect Diet Tracker for Mac OS X

1. Download the Perfect Diet Tracker installer
Your browser should start the download automatically.

If it does not, use the link at the top of this page to restart the download.
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2. Review the user license agreement
Before you can install the software you will be asked to review the user license agreement, then click the 'Agree' button to continue.
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3. Drag the Perfect Diet Tracker icon into your Applications folder
To complete the installation drag the Perfect Diet Tracker icon into your Applications folder.
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4. Double click the Perfect Diet Tracker icon in your Applications folder
To start your free trial go to your applications folder and double click on the Perfect Diet Tracker icon.

The software will then start and take you through the steps needed to set up a new user.

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