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Perfect Diet Tracker 35% discount voucher / coupon

We are frequently asked if there are any discount vouchers available for the Perfect Diet Tracker. Although the answer is unfortunately not, this does not mean you cannot get a discount.

There is a 35% discount offer built into the current trial version of the software!

To take advantage of the offer simply download the trial version today, then use the buy now button shown on the offer screen to access the discounted order form.


How much does the software cost with the discount?

The following table shows the price for a personal license after the 35% discount has been applied.


Why offer a discount within the trial version?

We know the Perfect Diet Tracker works, and it works well. The trial version lets you use the software free for seven days, starting from the day you install the software.

The discount offer is simply an incentive to try the software now. Once you are a few days into the trial you will be able to see the software can work for you, and buy the software at a discounted price.

This discount may be removed in future versions,  but at the time we write this it is alive and kicking and a very popular option!


Offer screenshot

The following screenshot shows the discount offer screen within the software. Simply click the blue ‘Buy the Perfect Diet Tracker now’ button to load a secure order form with the discount applied.

In application discount offer

Perfect Diet Tracker discount offer screenshot

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