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Perfect Diet Tracker Affiliate Program

Help spread the word about what we consider to be the best diet tracker currently available, and earn money at the same time!

Simply link to our website through the Register Now affiliate system and you can by paid for your links.

We currently pay 30% of the sale value of the software for affiliate sales, there is no charge to become an affiliate and no long term commitment or obligation.

If you would like to help spread the word while earning money simply follow the three steps below…

Step 1 – Sign up for a free account with Register Now

If you don’t already have an affiliate account at Register Now, the first step is to get yourself an account.

We use Register Now as they are a trusted third party handling millions of dollars of transactions per year.

Click here to Sign up with RegNow now – it is FREE!

If you already have a Register Now account login here to add the Perfect Diet Tracker to your account. (RegNow Product ID: 16633-1).

Step 2 – Add a special ‘affiliate’ link to our web site

egister Now will send you an email confirming you have been approved as an affiliate, provide you with a username and password and provide a few links to web pages where you can check your sales.

The email will also contain a few specific ‘urls’ for you to create a link from your site to ours.

When a user clicks these specific links they pass through the Register Now server and get a cookie. Then when they come back later to order the sale is associated with your account.

Step 3 – Create your own trial version of the Perfect Diet Tracker

You can further maximize the sales potential by creating a special trial version build of the Perfect Diet Tracker for Windows.

When potential customers are running this version of the Perfect Diet Tracker and press the “Buy Now” button this will take them straight to your purchase page at Register Now, increasing your conversion rate as this method is not affected by ‘cookie blocking’ software.

To create or link to a custom build, simply.

Log into your account at Register Now
Click on relationships on the side menu bar
Click on ‘Byoni Limited’
Click on ‘Sales Links’ at the top of the screen
Scroll down and copy the ‘Trial Download’ link for the Perfect Diet Tracker
We recommend you link directly to this file, or alternatively you can download the file and host it on your own server.

By linking directly to the file all your users will automatically get the latest version of the software without you having to change anything on your web site – set it and forget it!

That’s all there is to it!

If you have a web site with even moderate traffic, you can make money from our software. Why not give it a try?

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