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Perfect Diet Tracker diet software now available at the Intel AppUp Center & Mac App Store

The Perfect Diet Tracker is now available for purchase at both the Intel AppUp Center and Mac App Store.

Mac App Store

To purchase through the Mac App Store for Apple Mac computers running OS X Snow Leopard or OS X Lion click on the app store logo.

The Intel AppUp Center

If you would like to buy through the Intel AppUp Center simply start the AppUp Center on your Windows Pc.

If you do not already have the AppUp Center installed you can download it for Windows XP and Windows 7 from

Direct purchase and cross platform licenses

Of course, you can also purchase directly from us!

While both the Intel AppUp Center and Mac App Store let you purchase and use the app on as many computers as you personally own, they limit the license to the specific type of computer, ie. the Mac App Store lets you install on Macs and the Intel AppUp Center lets you install on Windows Pcs.

If you would like to be able to install on a mix of Windows Pcs, Macs or Linux computers or would simply prefer to purchase direct from us without downloading any additional software simply click the buy now link to purchase a full cross platform license.

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