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Perfect Diet Tracker v3.5.8 & Tracker2Go v1.2 now available

The Perfect Diet Tracker v3.5.8 and Tracker2Go v1.2 updates are now available for download direct from our website, or through the respective Apple App stores.

Perfect Diet Tracker update

The Perfect Diet Tracker 3.5.8 update contains a number of minor bug fixes, and interface ‘tweaks’ for the new Mac OS X Lion system.

As usual it is a free upgrade, and is available for all platforms including Windows, Mac & Linux.

It is a recommended update for all users.

Tracker2Go update

The Tracker2Go 1.2 update contains a number of minor bug fixes, and adds the collapsible meals feature to the application.

Once you have entered all items into a meal, you can now tap the meal name to just show the summary totals, and tap it again to show all items.

Whats next?

Tracker2Go v1.2.1 is already queued for review with Apple. This update will improve the update weight screens as the current screen is a little crowded. We are working on improvements to the charts, and the edit dialogues at the moment and this should follow the 1.2.1 update.

Sync between the two products remains in testing at this time. Although all places in the test group are currently taken, if you are interested in joining the test group when it is expanded please let us know.

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