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Perfect Diet Tracker v3.3.3.0 update available

Version of the Perfect Diet Tracker is now available for download from our software updates and download pages.


Whats new in this update?

The primary update in this release is a ‘core engine’ update. This update should improve speed and reliability on Linux platforms, and overall performance of the diet software on Windows and Mac OS X systems.

The food product database has been expanded to over 71,250 items and this number continues to grow daily. We have staff working on both new additions and updates to the food database to maintain the quality of the database.

The detailed charts view (accessed via the view progress screen by clicking the magnifying glass) has been updated so the ‘custom’ date range is stored between sessions. The weight tracking chart now defaults to a 12 month view, whilst the calorie and nutrition charts default to a 3 month view.

We have listened to our users and added specific additional exercises to the software and adjusted the existing CSV export function to export just numbers for the data in each field, the trailing ‘g’ is no longer added.

If you have any suggestions for the software you would like to see in future releases please let us know!


When will the iPhone & iPad version be available?

The big news in the iPhone and iPad versions are on their way. Although we should have been at release stage in April, unfortunately development was set back by the changes in the Apple TOS relating to the permitted languages used for apps distributed through the app store.

We have been very busy re-writing the apps to comply with the new TOS and aim to have support for these platforms soon.

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