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Tracker2Go V1.1 approved, V1.2 available soon!

The V1.1 update to the Tracker2Go App for iPhone and iPad has been approved by Apple and is now available in the iTunes store. If you have a copy of version 1 simply start iTunes and check for App updates, the iTunes store will do the rest, and as usual updates are free.

Version 1.1 adds favorites (or favourites!) into the food search, when you have an empty search field the app will list the 20 products you enter the most, enter a single letter and it will list your favorites starting with that letter, while continue to enter 2 or more characters and a full product search will start.

Smart internet searching is also enabled in this release so the app detects the type of connection you have and behaves responsibly. If you are connected to a wi-fi network the app will automatically get new products for you, if you are on a cellular / mobile connection the app will show you a box so you can decide if you want to expand the search or not, or if not connected at all the app will use its internal database which includes any previous search results so is tailored to the products you look for.

Available on the App Store

Version 1.2 has already been submitted for approval, so unless there are any unforeseen issues it should be available in the next 7 days, adding the ability to collapse and expand meal groups along with minor bug fixes and usability upgrades.

Sync between the desktop and mobile apps is still ‘pending’ due to feedback during the last round of beta tests but we are giving this high priority to get it into a public release asap.

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